If you have been diligently following a good goal setting system, by now you should have learnt how to set your dreams such as setting up halal restaurants in hong kong in concrete, battled your inner monsters along the way, and took one of the most exhilarating rides of your lives as we act and become the one, perfect, ideal self that you are meant to be, while ‘pre-living’ your future moments of victory!

Here I am, typing these words on my computer, listening to my favourite orchestral pieces on the player running in the background, contemplating, just thinking, about what the goal setting system I have learnt will do for me, how it has affected many, many lives, for the better, and how many people will actually be transformed, totally transformed by its sheer power and simplicity.

Now this is where, after several days of some intensive inner & outer programming & conditioning, you should be busy moving towards your goal. You should, by now, be following a precise and definite plan of action that you’ve set for yourself, after you’ve learnt how to go about the work needed to bring you towards your ultimate objective.

The reason I am writing this article, and the reason I see that it is necessary for you, is that I often find people thinking it’s hard to reconcile between “going with the flow” and “going according to the plan”. In fact, I believe it is possible and important that one should learn how to balance these two concepts, these two skills, together.

By wielding these two important paradigms together, like Yin and Yang, ‘1’ and ‘0’, Positive and Negative, or Male and Female, you will be at ease creating whatever it is that you want.

Questions help us focus our thoughts. The prerequisite of any thought is a question which is formulating in the mind, whether you are conscious of it or not. If questions are the mother of thoughts and if we’re to believe in the paradigm that our thoughts are ultimately what affects the way our very lives will turn out, for good or ill, then we should start on our questions, shouldn’t we?

Let us take conscious control of the questions we’re constantly asking ourselves from now on. To do so, let us go back to one of the most primitive techniques. To learn anything more effectively, it is best to ask ourselves some questions pertaining to the subject matter at hand. This is called the Socratic method.

What are some of the questions we can ask ourselves about how to balance between going with the flow and going according to the plan?