What is an Emcee?

An emcee is a person who introduces the performers and speaks to the audience during a live event. They are usually found at weddings, award ceremonies, and conferences. An emcee will often introduce the acts that are to follow, and provide a running commentary on any other events that occur. Some people think that the role of an emcee is to entertain the audience. But this is not true because they are actually only there to introduce and comment on the performers at a live event.

The term “emcee” may also be used as an Americanized slang term for “host”. The term “emcee” has its origins in the American English slang word “master of ceremonies”. It was first used by African-American jazz musicians during the 1920s, when these musicians were often used as disc jockeys for parties or clubs.

What are the Different Types of Emcees in Singapore?

Emcees are classified into different types based on their skillset. The two most common types of emcees in Singapore are the host and the compere. A host is usually someone who speaks about the event or about a specific topic for a short period of time before introducing another speaker. They might also be someone who welcomes guests to the event or toasts with them before dinner starts. A compere is someone who introduces all speakers at an event and may also entertain them with jokes or lighthearted banter during their speeches.

What is like in a Day for an Emcee in Singapore?

In a day for an emcee in Singapore, you will be meeting new people and introducing them to different cultures. You will be the one that is responsible for making sure that the audience is engaged and entertained. You will also be working with other professionals such as singers, dancers, instrumentalists and musicians. You may also have to work with a group of actors or solo performers. On top of that, you might have to look after the technical aspects of the show such as sound systems, lighting and stage management.

How to Choose the Best Emcees For Your Event in Singapore

It is important to be aware of the different types of emcees and their unique qualities. This will help you choose the best emcees for your event in Singapore. There are many factors that should be taken into consideration when choosing an emcee for your event in Singapore. These factors include:
1) The type of event you are hosting

2) The culture of the people you are hosting the event for

3) Your overall budget for the event

4) The topics that you want your emcee to speak on.

5) Audience size and the type of audience coming for your event

6) The style and tone of the event

7) The personality, humor, and experience of the emcee


An emcee is a person who introduces and comments on the performers at a live event such as a musical concert. The term “emcee” is derived from the word “master of ceremonies”. Check out emcees in Singapore for more information.