Massage in Singapore is one of the best ways to relax and pamper yourself when you feel like life has been punching you left and right. However, not all massages are the same. Sometimes, it is because the massage itself is the problem. But, there are times when you might be the reason why the massage was a total failure in the first place. So, how can you be sure that the Singapore massage spas will give you the best results? Here are a few pointers to remember so your massage will really ease away your pains, instead of making you feel more tired than ever.

Go to your appointment on time.
It will take you longer to relax if you arrived feeling rushed and frenzied. Also, never eat before getting a massage. Allow your meal to be digested by your body first.

Remove only the clothes that you are comfortable enough to take off.
In case you don’t really like the idea of removing your clothes, you can wear comfy clothes during your massage that will let your massage therapist to move and touch the parts of your body that you want to be massaged.

The therapist can leave the room first or give you privacy as you undress. You will be provided with a towel or sheet for draping during your massage Singapore. Your therapist will uncover only the specific body part that will be massaged to ensure that your modesty is always kept and respected. Once your massage is done, you will be given privacy again while you dress.

Be as open and receptive to the massage process as much as possible.
Don’t be afraid to talk to your massage therapist. Prior to the session, provide your accurate health details and inform the therapist of your reasons for and expectations from the massage. The therapist may also use powders, oil, or lotion to reduce skin friction. If you have allergies to these, tell your therapist about it to allow them to choose a safer substitute. Never be afraid to discuss concerns or apprehensions for you to be as comfortable and as ease during the massage.

Make sure you relax your mind and muscles.
It will be counterproductive if you tighten up by hardening or contracting your muscles during your session. Inform your therapist once this happens. They can change the massage technique and even help you relax the area affected. If your thoughts are racing in your mind during your massage Singapore, a great way to be body-centered better and quiet down your mind is to follow your therapist’s hands and simply focus on how the touches feel.

Don’t forget to take normal breathes.
Breathing can help facilitate relaxation. People usually limit or stop their breathing whenever a sensitive part is being massaged or if they feel a bit anxious.

Never get up too fast and allow for some quiet and open time once your massage is over.
If you feel light headed or dizzy after your massage, don’t get off the massage table too quickly. It may also take some time to absorb or integrate the results of your massage Singapore.