When warm climate hits the country, thoughts turn to fun time activities and adventures. In the corporate gift industry, summertime gift options are immense. Although corporate gifts are not given on a seasonal basis, climate can play a role in the type of the corporate gift ideal to be presented. Giving corporate gifts based on the season increases its functionality and practicality adding value to the business relationship. Here are a few suggestions for corporate gifts during summer time.

Apparel: A Perfect Choice For Summertime Gifts

One pastime everyone enjoys during summer is outdoor activities. In countries like Singapore, one of the most popular outdoor activities is golf. So, if you intend to reward an employee or credit a business partner, a branded apparel or clothing is the best choice and they can use it across the season. Branded corporate apparel come in a wide variety of size, style, fabric and colour which can be presented to both men and women. Another major advantage of apparel is making it personalised with the receiver’s name, company and logo adding a personal feel and strengthening the business relationship. Some of the apparel you can gift are-

  • Golf Wear, Polo Shirts and Sport Tops
  • Performance focused and custom T Shirts 
  • Jerseys
  • Pullovers And Cover-Up Shirts
  • Vests

Drinking Appliances

Over the last few years drinkware has become a common corporate gift choice across several countries. Drinkware comes in a huge selection of style and type such as casual beverage insulators to luxurious travel focused barware and tumblers. Most drinkware have varying designs and material which make it a suitable corporate gift. Another advantage of drinkware is making it personalized. Drinkware can be personalized with the receiver’s name, corporation and logo making it personal and unique which can strengthen the business relationship. Some of the drinkware which can be gifted as corporate gifts are-

  • Can & Bottle Insulators
  • Insulated Tumblers
  • Reusable Water Bottles
  • Barware

Outdoor Products

Enjoying the outdoors is particularly popular in summer months especially in Singapore. Considering corporate gifts, you have huge options of gifts you can give to your employees or clients. More importantly, all these gifts can also be personalised with the client’s name, organisation and so on to give a more personal feel which improves the business relationship. Here are a few outdoor products you can give as a corporate gift in summer-

  • Golf Accessories
  • Beach Activity Equipment
  • Picnic Blankets
  • Sunglasses
  • Hammocks
  • Folding Camp Chairs
  • Backpacks

With a wide range of choices you have for corporate gifts you can give this Summer, the difficulty lies with making the decision. Before giving any corporate gift, it is very important to understand the receiver. Try to learn more about the receiver such as their hobbies, interests, pastime activities etc. and it helps you to choose the most suitable gift accurately. If the most relevant gift is given to your clients or employees, they will be able to use it effectively for the entire season making them happy and work efficiently. Learn more about relevant corporate gifts for your clients or employees at https://www.axxel.biz/.

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