Many people are doing extra efforts to keep them safe against COVID-19. No wonder why a lot of people are buying sanitizing products, especially hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizers have been in-demand since the COVID-19 outbreak. These sanitizing products have been out of stock in several places worldwide.

Washing with soap and warm water is the ultimate hand hygiene. It removes germs and oils in your hands. However, hand sanitizers have been proven to be an effective tool for reducing the number of microbes in your hands.

Are hand sanitizers effective?
Hand sanitizers play a huge role in stopping the spread of COVID-19. Hand sanitizers allow you to clean your hands when you’re outside and there’s no soap and water available.

Every time you cough or sneeze, it can be overwhelming to wash your hands from time to time. With this, using hand sanitizers serve as excellent alternatives. It’s better to use them than not cleaning your hands at all.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), hand sanitizers have to be used properly for them to be effective. It means you have to put the right amount and rub it all over your hands until they’re dry.

Are all hand sanitizers created equal?
There are two major types of hand sanitizers: alcohol-based and alcohol-free.

The alcohol-based hand sanitizers have 60% to 95% alcohol content. They come in the form of ethyl or isopropyl alcohol.

On the other hand, alcohol-free hand sanitizers have quarternary ammonium compounds. Compared to alcohol, these are less effective in reducing microorganisms.

It’s possible to bring hand sanitizers to another level. Adding essential oils create a tremendous difference. Aside from eliminating germs, they also provide aromatherapeutic benefits.

What are the benefits of using a premium hand sanitizer?
Most premium hand sanitizers contain essential oils that have antimicrobial properties. The efficacy of hand sanitizers is improved by essential oils and they keep your hands smelling good.

Here are the benefits of premium hand sanitizers:

Replenish moisture
One of the downsides of alcohol is it leaves the skin dry. The lost moisture and nutrients are restored with the addition of glycerin, aloe vera gel, and other ingredients in premium hand sanitizers.

Give fragrance
Essential oils have an aromatherapy effect that offers a sense of calm and focus. They raise the mood as well.

Fortify the antibacterial property
Research has found out that essential oils have antimicrobial components. Essential oils reinforce the hand sanitizer in fighting viruses and germs. As a result, the sanitizer becomes more effective.

Having excellent personal hygiene protects you from COVID-19.
To prevent the pandemic from spreading, health authorities have declared that hand washing is an urgent activity. Although the safest way is handwashing with soap and warm water, it’s a smart decision to use premium hand sanitizers as well.

If you’re outside, you must have premium hand sanitizers in your bag or pocket. The essential oils enhance the effectiveness of hand sanitizers. Aside from cleaning your hands, they also provide fragrance and nourishment.

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