Singapore is known to have a very progressive economy. There are many places to find cheap halal food in singapore, and it has some of Asia’s prominent business hubs and they are continuously attracting investor because of their stable economy. Many international organizations have established their headquarters in Singapore which is why there are also a lot of expats living in the country as a permanent resident (pr) or for work. And as we all know, Singapore is a very safe and diversified country which is why it is also not bad to live there. If you are one of those who thinks that getting an application for pr in Singapore is a good idea, here are a list of reasons why it is a great idea.

Economic is stable and prosper
Singapore is probably the best in economy in Asia. Even in this time of pandemic, Singapore managed to sustain their economy with a very little damage in it. Which is why, companies in Singapore can pay their employees with a huge amount of salaries.

It is considered as a Gateway to Asia
Many companies are putting up their offices and headquarters in Singapore because, it is a great country to live in, and the country is running like a well-structured company. Which is why many investors are attracted in investing in Singapore. Many investors would mean great economy, which would also mean more stable jobs.

Getting a work permit is easy.
If you are skilled and your skill is needed in Singapore, working permit or even residency application can be easier for you. Singapore is very much interested with skilled laborers to boost their economy more. And for a progressive country, applying for working permit or even a permanent residency can be done through online so you don’t have to go through lines and print papers. Especially this days that it is really not advisable to go out. They make sure that people in their country experience convenience.

Plenty of Career Opportunities
As mentioned repeatedly, Singapore’s economy is stable. So there are many investors that are interested in investing in their country. Being an economic hub in Asia, a number of opportunities are available to people. And since their population is relatively low, they are in constant search of skillful individuals that can do the job.

Singapore is a technologically progressive country
Singapore is not only an economic hub, but it is also a home to many tech giants such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Google. Because of this, many of the technological trends are being experienced by Singapore first before anywhere else in Asia.

Benefits are good.
Singapore offers many benefits for their employees, such as transport, health care, retirement, disability, education and childcare schemes. Aside from these good benefits in place, they also offer flexible benefit where in they allow employees to trade off salary in lieu of their benefits or vice versa.

There are many other reasons why you can choose to work and apply for a pr in Singapore. Food is a very good reason. Singapore has probably the best food. But to sum it up, many foreigners want to work in Singapore because it is a very good country to live in. It is very diversified and opportunities are equal. So if you are planning to relocate, make sure to put Singapore in your list.